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Fluorite Crystal Pipe

Fluorite Crystal Pipe


Check out our new colorful Fluorite Crystal Pipe. It is 3.5” in length and 2” in width. The bowl itself is 1” deep and has a large capacity for your legal herb. It’s green, purple, and white streaks gives it a natural gleam aesthetic.

Crystal lovers have highly praised the Fluorite Crystal for increasing intuitive abilities, linking the human mind to universal consciousness, and developing connection to your inner spirit. Jamming these cosmic properties into the Fluorite Crystal Pipe gives your smoking sessions a fun dimension.

Crystal pipes are known to give a true organic taste of your legal herb compared to metal and acrylic pipes. So if you’re yearning a natural smoking experience, then this Fluorite Crystal pipe can be your new smoking ritual apparatus. Come grab one today!

We also have plenty of other crystal pipes on sale if this pipe isn’t reaching out to you.

*Each crystal has it’s own personalities, so every pipes are different and one of a kind!