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Fluorite Crystal Pipe

Fluorite Crystal Pipe


The Fluorite Crystal Pipe is an all-natural, organic tasting, and spiritual alternative to your typical metal or glass pipes.

This Fluorite Crystal pipe is carved out of a large chunk of fluorite crystal, and maintains all the organic texture of a natural rock. A metal screen provides filtration, which can easily be removed. Simply light the bowl and inhale through the carved mouth piece (since these pipes don’t feature carbs) for a cool and smooth hit every time.

Crystal lovers have promoted Fluorite for its vast healing properties. Fluorite supports spiritual and psychic wholeness and development, clarity, purpose, order, protection, and inner peace. Additionally, Fluorite helps meditation and learning to go past the “chatter” that our minds often generate. Moreover, the Fluorite crystal stone is praised to be the psychic shield. It protects one from chaotic vibrations by neutralizing them and facilitating balance. Interestingly, fluorite helps aid concentration and memory, weight loss and bad food habits. It is truly the ideal addition to your smoking ritual. Essentially, if you’re an anxious smoker, then this is symbolically the perfect smoking piece for you.

Each pipe has a unique size, cut, color, and feel. Accordingly, feel free to ask us for features you’re looking for in your stone (smooth/jagged, more purple/more white). We’ll do our best to find you a pipe as close as possible. We’d be happy to send pictures to buyers to ensure they’re getting a crystal pipe they truly love. Every crystal gives off its own energy and it’s important to match with the right one!

If you’re interested in crystal pipes (fluorite or otherwise!) check out our extensive online collection, or swing by one of our three Brooklyn locations to see for yourself! We’re located at 518 Grand St. and 377 Metropolitan Ave in Williamsburg, and 12 Wilson Ave in Bushwick. Hope to see you soon!