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Eye Slime Water Pipe

Eye Slime Water Pipe


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The Eye Slime Water Pipe is a journey through a psychedelic realm of oozing slime, peculators, and ice catchers.

It is everything you could ask for in a water pipe. It is just as much a high functioning and practical water pipe to smoke from as it is ascetically pleasing. The pipe itself stands a little over a foot long and is made of high quality sturdy glass. It features a one of a kind slime covered shower head percolator for excellent water filtration that results in a potent yet smooth hit every time. The ice catcher is the final cherry on top that cools the smoke down even more.

For those unaware, a water pipe is a great investment to any serious smoker for a number of reasons. Water pipes use the water to filter and cool down your smoke as it travels through the pipe, this means toxins are filtered out before reaching your lungs. Another reason to love water pipes is the amount of herbs your conserve in comparison to rolling your own or even using a regular bowl. Water pipes really milk the smoke for all it’s worth so you do not need nearly as much for the same effect. Long story short, water pipes save your lungs and your money! What more could you ask for?

This water pipe pairs perfectly with some I-Tal Hempwick. Hempwick is an all natural alternative to directly lighting up with a butane lighter. With Hempwick you avoid inhaling the potentially harmful toxins that come with butane. Grab some Hempwick along with this Eye Slime Water Pipe  and you will be smoking clean and professional!