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Exxus Spinner V2 1600mah Vape Battery

Exxus Spinner V2 1600mah Vape Battery


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The rechargeable Exxus Spinner V2 510 thread 1600 mah Battery is perfect for vaping for long periods of time on a single charge.

It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The Exxus Spinner V2’s standard Go/510 thread attaches to most empty and pre-filled concentrate cartridges. The battery comes with adjustable voltage settings so you can customize its vape power. To adjust, simply twist the dial at the bottom of the battery to achieve your desired voltage.

When you’ve attached the battery to a concentrate filled cartridge, or an atomizer filled with e-liquid, press the button 5 times to unlock. Then, hold the button down as you pull. When you’re done vaping, press the button five times to lock it again. If you love the design and functionality of Exxus batteries but want something that’s more affordable and portable, be sure to check out the mini Exxus eGo 900mah vape battery available for sale online and in store!

This battery is available here in black, blue, silver, and green. Please be sure to specify your color preference in the comments/notes section of your order!

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