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Extra Chunky Latty Chillum

Extra Chunky Latty Chillum


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Every twist and turn on this sturdy Extra Chunky Latty Chillum will have you wondering how you ever smoked from anything else! Spin this ergonomic, hand blown glass pipe around in your hand and check out the range of differently color latty’s spiraling in and out of the EXTRA thick, inside out chamber. Notice how thick the glass is in the pictures. Each pipe is handblown, which means that every twist of color and intricate latty work is unique to that pipe alone! There’s even silver fuming in the background, so this piece will get more beautiful as you use it. Silver fuming is a glass technique that was discovered accidentally, when an OG glass blower named Bob Snograss accidentally touched a bit of silver to the glass as he was blowing. After using the pipe for a period of time, the heat transforms the color of glass to bright hues of blue that don’t fade even after cleaning the pipe with a cleaning solution like Formula 420.

The Extra Chunky Latty Chillum offers several uniquely ideal features, such as a perfectly shaped deep bowl, and a huge chamber to fill with smoke, so you’ll always have a super comfortable and smooth smoke every time you take a hit from this gorgeous chillum. Just LOOK at how thick the glass around the bowl is! You’ll never worry about just tossing this piece into a purse or backpack for a quick on-the-go smoke session, plus its compact enough to travel in your pocket for outdoor activities and parties. Three raised beads and a flat, comfortable mouthpiece protect this stunning chillum from rolling off a table, ensuring an ideal piece for home or travel for years to come! Coming from our Made in America collection, and 4.5″ in length, this monster thick chillum is exactly what you’ve been looking for.