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Elements King Size Connoisseur Rolling Papers

Elements King Size Connoisseur Rolling Papers


As part of Josh’s Rolling Paper Family, Elements King Size Connoisseur Rice Rolling Papers are Ultra-Thin translucent  Rice Rolling Papers with self seal sugar natural acacia gum strip.

Looking back many years ago, HBI’s founder Josh Kesselman remembered seeing his father taking great pleasure in rolling his own smokes with “Marfil Arroz” rolling papers. Josh’s father would light a sheet of these papers on fire and throw it into the air. The paper would vanish without producing any ash! He always used ungummed, thin rice papers because they burn with almost ZERO ash. Pure rice papers are just that, NO chemicals, NO pulp and NO hemp.  When creating these paper’s Josh decided to return to the “ELEMENTS” of smoking. Thus he designed a paper made from pure rice, pressed it to make it ultra slow burning and incredibly thin (~12 gsm), and added just a thin strip of natural gum from sugar.

Elements King Size Connoisseur are paired with tips!

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