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American Made Dinosaur Bone Glass Pipe

American Made Dinosaur Bone Glass Pipe


These hand blown, perfectly crafted pipes hit like full grown T-Rexes. The attractive, elegant shape is also very functional, with a long stem and a large chamber. Luminous, dazzling raised beads adorn the perfectly shaped bowl, and contrast beautifully with the deep opaque jewel tones. These iridescent bubbles, along with the flattened bottom, also keep these pieces from rolling off of surfaces. These pieces are made by American glass blowers which means some of the finest quality glass on the market. Thick, durable borosilicate glass ensures this glass pipe will last, and the high quality in color is unmistakable. At 5″ in length, this piece is the perfect size for showing off at home or bringing with you on the go. The large bowl is easy to load, and the glowing beads around the head are not only visually striking, but also make this piece ergonomic and very comfortable to use. It’s perfect for both personal use or passing around a group smoking session!


Each pipe is hand blown and perfectly unique. The three colors available are pictured:

Emerald Green with Slime Beads

Midnight with Purple Beads

Sky Blue with Slime Beads

Be sure to add your preference as a note when you check out!