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Crank Top Grinder

Crank Top Grinder


With this amazing grinder, featuring a crank mechanism to turn, the power is YOURS! Grind your dry herbs with ease! High quality metal means streamlined cleaning and safe, effective grinding. With a number of sturdy and sharp blades, there is little to no resistance as you prep your herbs. Measuring in at 2.5 inches in height and diameter, there is plenty of room in all 3 compartments, including the third catch at the bottom. The high quality screen filters the finest dry herb. As an added plus to this attractive grinder, there are see-through slits around the storage chamber. You can actually see whether or not you need to grind any more dry herbs or if there’s any left over. Prepare to marvel at the next level features on this grinder, and how much easier it makes your life every single time you smoke!

Why Choose A Crank Top Grinder?

There are several benefits of owning a grinder and using it regularly. You’ll save money knowing that your dry herb is evenly ground. Not to mention the time you’ll save not making a mess breaking up herbs with your hands. The final chamber catches excess pollen or dust from your herb that may otherwise be lost on your fingertips when grinding manually. Grinders come in handy for those who like to roll up their herb. Instead of having to break it up by hand a grinder finely grinds your herb so you can easily roll it up and smoke it. Grinders are also essential for those who love to vape! When using products like the PAX II or the G-Pro dry herb vaporizer it is important to grind your herbs very fine before packing them into the heating chamber.

*AVAILABLE IN RED, BLUE, GREEN, and SILVER * Please specify your color choice in the “comments” section of your order*