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Classic Blue Peanut Glass Pipe

Classic Blue Peanut Glass Pipe

SKU: 10005

The Classic Blue Peanut is a 3″ silver fumed color changing borosilicate glass pipe that features classic blue striping near the tapered mouthpiece and around the bowl, coming to a spiral on the front of the pipe. On the right side of the bowl is a clear glass orb that magnifies the stripes underneath and provides a better grip on the pipe. This peanut has a flattened bottom, so it will not roll. The center has a twisted fuming pattern which will only look cooler as it turns various shades of blue. The Classic Blue is compact enough to take on the go, and doubly thick for peace of mind! Best of all, you won’t break the bank with this interesting glass piece. If blue is your favorite color, consider a matching blue Bic lighter!

Glass blowers started experimenting with silver and gold fuming in the early 1980’s. This process began in an effort to change the characteristics of glass pipes. It was discovered that after smoke was introduced to glass pipes with a thin layer of silver or gold applied the pipe would change colors. This unique phenomenon changed the history of the art of glass blowing.

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