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Candy Colored Rings Water Pipe

Candy Colored Rings Water Pipe


The Candy Colored Rings Water Pipe is an incredible new addition to the Sunflower Glass family.

This water pipe, as you can see, packs a mean punch. It stands at about a foot and two inches long in total and features an ice catcher, and shower head percolator. You can trust your smoke is really being filtered and cooled with this water pipe, leaving you with a smooth, strong hit.

Water pipes are able to produce much larger hits of smoke while still feeling smooth and not blasting the smokers lungs with a coughing fit. This is due to a few things. The first reason is the water. As the user lights the bowl and inhales, the smoke is pulled down the stem directly into the water. The water cools and filters the smoke immediately. Then, as the bowl is removed, the smoke goes through the percolator which filters the smoke even more. Finally, before the smoke hits the users lips, it goes through the ice placed in the top ice catcher. The ice is the final cooling method, and leaves the smoker with a smooth hit.

Water pipes give you strong and potent hits with a lot less legal herb than you need with a standard pipe. In the long-run, this means you conserve your herbs and of course, money. Water pipes are an investment as well as a smoking accessory.

This water pipe pairs perfectly with some I-Tal Hempwick. Hempwick is an all natural alternative to directly lighting up with a butane lighter. With Hempwick you avoid inhaling the potentially harmful toxins that come with butane. Grab some Hempwick along with this Candy Colored Rings Water Pipe and you will be smoking clean and professional!

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