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Black Ceramic Eyeball Pipe

Black Ceramic Eyeball Pipe


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Our black ceramic eyeball pipe is the essence of spooky! The creepiest (and coolest) feature is that its piercing blue eyeball will stare you down as you take a puff. The dark, eerie vibe that this pipe brings is perfect for any horror fiction lover. Plus its macabre aesthetic makes it the perfect smoking piece to cuddle up with on a cold stormy night.

Why This Pipe is Just For You

First of all, you’ve probably never had a pipe you can make eye contact with. Secondly, you can’t deny it was love at first sight! And finally, everything about this pipe’s design is special. It’s truly a unique feel that you just can’t get with other pipes. Why? Because this baby is ceramic. Ceramic pieces offer more individuality than others because of their ability to be embossed or decorated with any design. Due to the personal handiwork put in, each ceramic piece is unique.

Because of this pipe’s small nature, portability is no problem. Its compact body will fit into any carrying device with ease. So take him out and show him off in all his creepy glory! This pipe comes equipped with a decently sized bowl which is great for a good quick smoke break to get you through the rest of the day. This pipe will easily become your go-to on the go smoking device. It fits well in a closed palm which is great when it comes to concealing it. And the best part of this pipe is that when you smoke up you can bond over the fact that you both will have glazed over eyes!

This black ceramic eyeball pipe is a great gift for that creepy smoker in your life. Especially if that creepy smoker is you. Everyday is Halloween with this spooky ceramic pipe!