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Atmos R2 Vaporizer

Atmos R2 Vaporizer


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The new and improved Atmos R2 Vaporizer is re-engineered with anodized chamber and advanced ceramic heating disc technology providing smooth draw and clean taste. It’s designed to evenly heat dry herbs and vape waxy oils. For a limited time offer, this kit includes both the original anodized chamber with coil and the new advanced ceramic disc heating chamber. It’s the ultimate vaporizer providing users with unmatched performance. Size: h 6.122 in, d 0.71 in  The Atmos R2 Vaporizer Kit Includes: One Lithium Ion battery, One New Advanced Ceramic Heating Disc Chamber, One Anodized Heating Chamber, One Chamber Connector, One Spring, One Mesh Filter, One Ceramic Filter, One Rubber Mouthpiece, One Packing Tool, One Wall Adapter, One USB Charger, and One User Manual.

For a smaller, more desecrate pen the Atmos RX is another great model by Atmos Technology!

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