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CBD: The Gray Area’s Wonder Drug

When most people think of marijuana they think of THC, THC being the psychotropically classified primary isomer within marijuana that is responsible for getting people high. But recently a lot of attention has been being paid to CBD, or cannabidiol, a non psychoactive and therapeutic component of canbanoids that is becoming more favorable among the medical […]

A Modern History of Glassblowing

A Modern History of Glassblowing The Origins of Natural Glass & Glassblowing Natural glass has existed since the origin of time, formed when certain types of rocks become molten as a result of natural high-temperature phenomena such as volcanic eruptions, lightning strikes or meteoric impact, that will then cool and solidify rapidly. Following it’s accidental discovery, […]

How To Properly Clean & Maintain Your Glass

Cleaning: One often struggles to find a pleasure on par with that of smoking out of a clean glass bowl for the first time. Nothing beats a completely pure vessel providing you with uninhibited smoking pleasure, but after time and consistent use, pieces become clogged, dirtied, and soiled by sticky, smelly resin. Luckily pipes can be cleaned quickly and easily […]

Pax, Gpro and Micro G How to Spot a Fake

Know a buddy that went out and got a New Gpro, Micro G or Pax for an unbelievably great price Only to have it break the next day? It was a fake! Vaporizers are hot products, companies are fervently plowing through R&D to bring the next advancement to the market. There is many the Chinese company […]

Waterpipe World: Percolaters

With the exponential expansion of glass water pipes, we’ve seen new designs incorporated as the pipe producers steadily innovate to reach a wider audience. For example, the majority of glass water pipes now include ice catchers blown into the stem of the piece.  These are quite basic yet add a significantly beneficial feature to a water pipe that transforms […]

Toss That Old Metal Pipe, Glass Pipes are Better!

At Sunflower Pipes we often get the question, “Why are glass pipes better than other smoking pipes?” Regular smoking pipes, ones made out of materials such as metal or wood, have traditionally been used for smoking but they are not always the best option; here are some reasons why. Durability When people think of glass they think […]

The Stratus Line

At Sunflower Pipes we carry a large number of products from the Stratus vaporizer line. Stratus has products to fit a wide variety of needs all of which are sold at great prices. This article will list the different products we sell, highlighting the specifics of each.   Starter Kit The Stratus Starter Kit is designed for use […]

Why We Love RAW Rolling Papers

Why We Love  RAW Rolling Papers Humble Beginnings Serving as the inspiration in a grand design, Marfil Arroz rolling papers were originally produced and manufactured in Alcoy, Spain, the paper making capital of Europe. The company eventually disbanded sometime around the 80’s due to legalities. Josh Kesselman remembers Marfilo Arroz fondly. Mostly because his father […]


Eleaf-iSmoka is a Chinese company that has been around since 2008. Their popular e-cigarette battery mod, the iStick comes in a variety of models ranging in wattage from ten to a hundred with watt temperature controlled models available. The company also sells a variety of atomizers/tanks. And a few of their products come bundled in kits which make them […]

Magic Flight Launch Box: Overview, Review & Cleaning Tips

How the Magic Flight Launch Box Works: The Magic-Flight Launch Box comes with all the features you need in a vaporizer while also being one of the simplest on the market. It is a dry herb vaporizer, although there is a concentrate tray that you can purchase which enables you to vape oils, concentrates, and extracts. To […]